Keeping employees trained appropriately and their skills and competencies up-to-date is a constant challenge for hospitals and health care providers. Add on the expenses associated with developing curriculum and difficulty of scheduling and it’s easy to understand why health care providers are looking for alternatives to traditional training.


Introducing the best e-learning for healthcare professionals… The Kansas Hospital Association, along with 40 other state hospital associations and the American Hospital Association, has helped to create careLearning, an Internet-based education management solution. Its sole purpose is to develop and deliver a range of just-in-time training and education for health care providers and the ability to manage and track employee; physician and non-employee records.

careLearning offers something for everyone:

The Mandatories: Access to 15 of the most commonly required courses for health care employees.


Continuing Education: Courses that meet mandatory licensure and certification requirements.


Compliance: Courses on changes in regulations and healthcare policy.


Private Courses: Courses added to the careLearning Learner Management System that are written and produced by your organization for the sole use of your organization.


Record Tracking: careLearning has developed a cutting-edge system to make record tracking simple.